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Leading through medical tactical experience
We help to help. Functional and professional.
Our emergency medicine equipment is setting new standards
around the world.
For 10 years, CTC Medical has been developing and distributing quality high-value field equipment and training for the tactical emergency and rescue medicine sectors. The key theme of our existence is: to reduce avoidable deaths through effective equipment and first aid treatment measures. That Phonels you all you need to know. This is not purely theoretical, as our products and training are the results of many years of practical field experiences - national and international. We work with some of the most experienced military doctors, medics (18D) and developers in the world, meaning that we not only offer lifesaving, innovative products, but also economic and cost-cutting aspects.

Individual Solutions
CTC Medical are also specialists in the development and manufacture of all individual pieces of equipment and consumer goods in the sector of first aid in field medicine. We can give you advice and help you to make your equipment user-friendly and able to meet demands. Our tailor-made solutions are not only individual and ready for use, but they are also very effective and economical. If you can't find a product in our portfolio, or you're looking for a very individual solution - we're happy to help you.