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Safe life. Safe money.
The first reusable tourniquet.
  • 100% effective. SOFT tourniquets were tested by the US Army Institute of Surgical Research and found to be 100% effective.
  • Very easy to apply.The application of a SOFTT is always the same, whether it is for arms or legs.
  • The easiest application in a stress-filled environment!
  • Strong grip and stability. SOFT tourniquets have been made from the most stable materials in order to last in every situation; there won't be any damage!
  • 100% reliable. The SOFTT's design reduces the risk of accidental opening or mistakes as a result of material fatigue. Unlike velcro, the SOFTT even works when it is covered in grease, frozen, wet or soaked through.
OLAES Modular Bandage
Intuitive and usable in seconds.
User-tested kits for quick and safe lifesaving.
  • Simple application in stressful situations without hooks, eyelets, WITH additional mull.
  • A genuine pressure point of targeted pressure through a pressure applicator, can also be used as an eye cup.
  • Latex-free.
  • Elastic integrated control strips to prevent unwanted unrolling.
  • 3 metres of sterile surgical mull.
Compact Kits and Bags
By specialists. For specialists.
User-tested kits for quick and safe lifesaving.
Active Shooter Response Kit (ARK)
The ARK Evacuation Kit comprises of the necessary equipment for first aid and for the evacuation of the wounded by the helpers. The bag's modular design allows users to modify the bag and adjust it to suit their own needs. Kit contains a stretcher!
Scoop and Other Stretchers
Can be integrated perfectly into equipment.
Super-light, small, 100% robust. Good value for money, and tested on Mount Everest.
Foxtrot Stretcher
The Foxtrot stretcher is an effective solution for rescuing wounded people. It is quick and easy to use, and small enough to be carried by one person, whether it's for a quick operation or a longer assignment.

Because of its small dimensions and multiple fastening facilities, the Foxtrot stretcher can be fastened on to a rucksack, and is ready for use right away as and when required. It is a quickly available aid for transporting injured people, without having to compromise its grip, adjustability or freedom of movement in demanding situations. By carrying a Foxtrot stretcher the waiting time is also eliminated, unlike a conventional strechter which hasto be fetched from an ambulance during emergencies.
Kits and Equipment
User-friendly equipment that meets demands.
From prototype to high volumes.

CTC Medical are specialists in the development and manufacturing of all individual pieces of equipment and consumer goods in the sector of first aid in field medicine. We can give you advice and help you to make your equipment user-friendly and capable of meeting demands. Our tailor-made solutions are not only individual and ready for use, but they are also very effective and economical. We will accompany you all the way through the development of a product, from small volumes to high volumes.
Courses and Training
Lifesaving Equipment and Training
For journalists, NGOs, contractors and specialist groups.
Our goal is to impart confidence and competence you'll need, in order to be able to act purposefully and safe from stress in specific situations. We understand our task, which is to give you the best preparation possible in the field of extended first aid, so that you can safely care for yourself or another injured person on an assignment in war and crisis zones, even if you are not a medic of any kind.
Reputation and Quality
Our lesson is based on the current Tactical Combat Casuality Care (TCCC) guidelines, and on those of the German Trauma Surgery Association. The practical design and the incorporation of our teaching team's experiences play a major part in the lessons, so that we can impart the skills you need to take the necessary measures, even in extreme situations. Practical exercises and repetition of courses of action are the preferred methods of our team, who have had many years of experience in the field.

As one of the first to offer this specialist training content, CTC has a positive reputation and numerous references from the fields of tactical emergency medicine, civilian emergency medicine and further specialist training offers at its command.
Realistic Training Environment
We have our own training centre near Berlin at our disposal and a former barrack as a 640,000qm (64 h) equipped training area . Emergency medicine rescue and first aid situations are reconstructed here in a realistic environment. As a unique training centre in Germany, we have realistic 'Caesar test dummies'available , which can be used to realistically simulate all kinds of injuries.

Should you have any further questions, please contact us at: CTC Training GmbH, Pankstr. 8-10, 13127 Berlin,